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vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

On the first of October John the Revelator presented their new album at a concert at the Patronaat, Haarlem, Holland.

This is what Frans ten Kleij (Mr. French), the leadguitarist , has to say about the new album.


When you are reading this you probably just bought, borrowed or maybe even downloaded the new John the Revelator album ‘Underway’ (including the artwork of course).
This album is quite a different matter from our previous album “Down in the mud” where many friends contributed to make for a worthy celebration of our 35 years gigging and recording.
One of those friends was young Erwin who decided to stay on for musical creativity and big money. His ace keyboard stuff is an extra dimension to our music.

The main difference to “Mud” is that ‘Underway’ mainly consists of self penned songs.
Instead of recording arranged and worked out songs we started toying around with lyrics and rough melody lines both made by Tom who is our only full time musician at present and therefore the most suitable guy to deliver the goods.
This often resulted in quite unexpected things. Quite a few songs however proved too unexpected and did not fit the Revelator catalogue and were therefore directed to our ever growing collection of outtakes.

I wanna thank our friend and engineer Henk (who never wore more than two pairs of spectacles during recording) who was great as ever. With a hell of a lot of patience and tolerance he listened to our sometimes crazy ideas and suggestions and incorporated them into the music.
Finally I wanna thank friend of the band mr. Snowy White who directed me to out of phase playing.

Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

See you at your place.

Frans “Mr. French” ten Kleij
September 2010

In our WEBSTORE you can hear for free all the songs from the album. The title track is  free download for our fans. In the webstore you can download individual tracks or  the whole album in the highest possible quality and any format you choose.

But we recommend that you buy and order the physical album which comes in a high quality digi sleeve pack with extensive booklet, pictures and sleeve notes. And if you buy the physical album you get directly a free digital download of the album as a bonus.
Art direction by the televisedwar.nl;
photography by Yara van der Velden. 

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