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Placed by Chris Miller [ 15 okt 2011 ]
Hi Tom, I was lucky to stumble upon your site. The recordings you made of the Peter Green era Bluesbreakers fascinate me. You are a fortunate man to have not only witnessed those now historic performances but to have had the great foresight to record some of them. You are correct when you write that Mayall let the musicians stretch out. The Marquee recording is outstanding! The recording quality is much better than I had hoped for and Peter Greens performance in particular is absolutely incendiary. He is playing with a passion and intensity that I’ve rarely heard. You can see from his hair, sideburns and Les Paul/Marshall setup that he is still being influenced by Eric Clapton but his playing is already finding its own voice. I have also been listening to your recording. At first I bought it so I could get the Mayall recording but I must say I’m enjoying the album. It grows on me with each listen and I will be happy to purchase more of your recordings. I have recently discovered some of the early Dutch blues bands such as Living Blues and Cuby + Blizzards (very sorry to hear of Harry Muskee’s passing). I’m primarily a vinyl collector so I trying to find some of the recordings can be difficult. I am currently on the lookout for your early album ‘Wild Blues’ on vinyl. I’m a fan of the 60’s early 70’s sound. Thanks for sending this information on the latest Green/Mayall, Manor House release. I will be making the purchase of Down in the Mud. I can’t understand why these releases aren’t causing more excitement. They are priceless and I for one, thank you for all your efforts. I hope you will be able to release all the tapes as time goes on. Cheers, Chris Miller

Placed by Martin Donald [ 15 okt 2011 ]
Hi Tom, Many thanks for your message and thanks again for the Marquee tape. I personally think it's stunning and absolutely amazing that you have an aural documentation of that small but so important period. Considering Eric had only been gone less than a year, Peter was still developing his own touch and it was very interesting to hear that even at that point, his guitar had that 'out of phase' sound at times. So Many Roads is possibly my favourite Bluesbreakers track of all time and the sound, technique and phrasing is all there in a live performance. I can hear that the mic was on Peter's side and considering the equipment you were using, the results are remarkable. Is that a picture of the recording machine on the sleeve notes? I'm sure you've also spent valuable time on the project and think it's to be applauded. I'm pretty sure I was at the Manor House show and I'm quite sure I was in the same audience as yourself at some point in other shows. There is a book called Strange Brew by Christopher Hjort which I'm sure you know about, but if you don't, you should check it out asap. A very interesting book about that period. The little I know about John Mayall the man, is enough to know that he would have wanted 100% of everything you've done or destroy the lot. A crime. It's a great shame that Peter is the way he is these days but I suppose that's life. I enjoyed the Revelators album 'Underway' too and please pass on my compliments to the rest of the band. Some very clear influences, all played with commitment and great feel. I can see why some people would criticise, and misinterpret your intentions but I can also see that there would be no other way to realise the whole project and why not push The Revelators at the the same time. It's very interesting to see the closeness of the dates, consecutive days in the case Bromley and Klooks Kleek. The music business is nothing like that these days. I shall certainly be sorting out the Manor House tape and any other recordings that you decide to make available. Would I need to download any software to access this? I'm not familiar with 'We Transfer'. Thanks again Tom Martin Donald

Placed by Andrea [ 12 okt 2011 ]
I would like to buy the following Cds: -Down in the mud -Blues train to Thalia Are they available in physical disc and not as downloads?

Placed by Jan Bang [ 12 okt 2011 ]
Hi Tom, thanks for the amazing tapes, truly enjoyable. I can't decide which Peter Green I like the most, with JM or with the FM, but the more aggressive approach in his playing when with Mayall really appeals to me. I also had a nice moment when I viewed some of those videos You have one the site, really good stuff !! You really have some good things running with both those two bands. Kind regards, Jan

Placed by Don Brown [ 8 okt 2011 ]
Hi Tom, Your package with the 2 CDs arrived safely here, yesterday afternoon. Thanks so much for sending. I appreciate the extra effort in putting together the additional 1967 Mayall/Green Marquee CD for me. I have listened to everything and very much enjoyed the music on both CDs. It was great to hear the live Green / Bluesbreakers stuff from that era. So little of that has survived. You guys have a good sound with your 'John The Revelator' Band. Do you play a lot of live dates? I'm sure you are a good act to catch. I wish you success. Thanks again, for everything. My best to you. Cheers, Don

Placed by Bela Swardmark Stephens [ 6 okt 2011 ]
Hello Tom, I am sorry that I didn't get back to you earlier. Times are a kind of hectic.... I have finally found time to listen though your album "Underway". The album has a fine blues tone. I especially liked the title track "Underway" and "Why Would You Cry For Me" mirroring the mournful mood of Peter's "Out Of Reach". Great work! Wonderful artwork. I also enjoy the Marquee tapes a lot! And I look forward to hear the other Bluesbreakers recordings. Tom, if you are interested, I can send you a free sample of our album "Watch Out". If you would like to have it, please send me your full postal address:-) Kind Regards, Bela Swardmark Stephens

Placed by Tim Richter [ 3 okt 2011 ]
Timrichter9 heeft een reactie geplaatst op you tube video Three hundred pounds of joy: So nice!! Thanks for this. Great vocals in the style of the original Wolf!

Placed by Snowy White [ 1 okt 2011 ]
Hi Frans Thanks very much for giving me the Marquee Tape and the wine. I listened to it in my car on the way back to England. Great memories !! The wine is in the fridge, will have that tonight. Sorry it was a bit rushed when I came off the stage, and we couldn't have tilme to talk a little bit...but, thanks for coming to the show. Good luck with your music. All the best Snowy

Placed by Richard Orlando [ 27 sep 2011 ]
Mr. Huissen, Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Richard J. Orlando and for the last six year I have been working on a book entitled, “The Blues are going to be My Only Way – A Fan’s Guide to the Music of Peter Green 1965 – 1973” In it, I have reviewed every one of the known recordings on which Peter Green played during this period, from official studio and live releases, to BBC air-shots, to guest session work, and most importantly, all of the available bootleg concert recordings, totaling nine-hundred and thirty-eight performances of sixty-nine individual songs. This is not simply an encyclopedic catalog of song titles and dates: rather, every recording session and concert is placed in strict chronological order. Each individual performance is discussed and placed into a context detailing not only Green’s life, but also the musical and societal milieu from which the music grew. I had long been aware of the recordings that you had of Green during his days as a Bluesbreaker. As much as I wanted to include these recordings in my book, I hesitated contacting you earlier concerning the recordings as I did not believe it fair to ask when all that I could offer was my word to use them for research purposes only and promise not duplicate them, or share them. Resigned to not hearing the shows, I did note their existence in the end notes to the book and had actually just finished the manuscript and was preparing to send it to a few different publishers when I saw that you were making the Marquee available. I of course ordered the collection and I am now writing up the show for inclusion in the book if and when I hear back from a publisher who may be interested. My purpose for writing you now is two-fold: I have a question regarding two of the tracks on the Marquee collection and also to find out if any arrangement could be made that would allow me to hear the other concerts so that I could include them in book. About the Marquee show: careful listening has led me to believe that both ‘The Stumble’ and ‘Double Trouble’ are the same performances that were included on the 2000 Eagle Records box set “Essentially John Mayall”. Is this correct? If you are not permitted to say I understand that. As to gaining access to the other shows, I would like for my book to be as “complete” as possible and I do see these shows as an important part of Green’s story. As mentioned, I have already spent six years getting the book to completion and I do not expect to even get a response from any of the potential publishers for a month or so, so I am hoping I might be able to add the additional material between now and the final editing. I did see a mention that the Manor House show, would be made available in October, but have not seen any further information. I would be happy to pay you whatever price you have decided to set for the future releases. I understand any hesitation you might have and will of course keep any correspondence regarding this matter private. I respect whatever decision you choose to make and wish you the best in your future endeavors and look forward to hearing more good blues from you and your band. Thank you for your time, Richard J. Orlando

Placed by Rene van Kalken [ 27 sep 2011 ]
Hallo Tom Allereerst mijn complimenten over jullie nieuwe album. Ik ben nog steeds fan van JTR. Hierbij stuur ik een link naar een site die ik vond via Google. Er staan wat reacties op die betrekking hebben op het uitbrengen van de Marquee tapes. Ik heb ze al aan diverse kritische liefhebbers en kenners laten horen en die zijn allemaal enthousiast. De solo van Green in Tears In My Eyes is prachtig en bezorgd me iedere keer weer kippevel. Komen die andere opnames ook nog vrij ? Groeten René van Kalken

Placed by Todd Beebe [ 27 sep 2011 ]
Hello Tom, Just wanted to let you know the CDs arrived! I've been listening to nothing but the Underway download the last few weeks. Such great stuff! I lOVE everything on the album, but if I had to pick my favorites -right now they are Diego's Drive, Dreamtime and The great gig in the sky. But the entire package is great! Those are just my FAVORITES if I had to pick! But they're all fantastic! Thanks too for the Mayall/Green disc. All I can say is "Wow!" To hear Peter back in the day is such a treasure! Thank you so much for sending this- and for sharing it with me. Im very happy to have it on disc. Thank you so much for making these great treasures of recordings back then! Its so great that someone preserved this great music. I am most definitely looking forward to future releases. Will you make future releases available on CD or only download? No big deal- Im just wondering. Im more than happy with a download, but I always love getting my music on CD if I can. Thank you again Tom for everything. I really appreciate it. And congratulations on Underway. It's truly fantastic. It's all I've listened to for weeks now! Todd Todd Beebe

Placed by Terence Green [ 25 sep 2011 ]

Placed by Theo Majoor [ 25 sep 2011 ]
Tom, gisteren heb ik de cd's Underway en The Marquee tape ontvangen. En natuurlijk gelijk beide cd's verschillende keren afgeluisterd. En allebei vind ik prachtig, hoewel ze natuurlijk heel verschillend van opnamekwaliteit zijn. Begrijp ik het goed als ik het hoesje van Peter Green bekjik dat er vijf cd's zijn ? En komen die in de toekomst ook allemaal beschikbaar voor de ECHTE FANS ? Ik hou me aanbevolen!! En dan jullie eigen cd Underway : ook erg goed. Ik had op jullie site al wel wat beluisterd hiervan, en dat beviel mij al erg goed. Underway kende ik al wel in de uitvoering van de Splinter Group, maar ook jullie versie vind ik prachtig. Het nummer Why would you cry for me, is typisch zo'n nummer dat voor mij wel een half uur mag duren, maar ook alle andere nummers vind ik mooi. Bedankt !! Theo Majoor

Placed by Wayne Fluke [ 25 sep 2011 ]
Hello Tom: Thanks! WOW what a joy! The discs arrived yesterday and I am overjoyed. Both are just terrific, thank you so much. I am amazed at the quality of your Marquee show and the packaging is cool too. A real thrill that I will enjoy for a very long time. I could not help but notice the other dates inside the inlay card. You have those also? Keep me informed with other developments but don't hurry. Do you accept Pay Pal? I was very impressed at YOUR band, John The Revelator - AGAIN. What a nice smokin' disc that one is too. It is obvious that you people have way too much fun getting together and playing. I am going to guess that YOU would be exciting to see live. Do you get away from life and enjoy playing together live often? I like the website. Very nicely done. All the best to all of you and your family, Wayne

Placed by Joe Kovacs [ 21 sep 2011 ]
i Tom. I received the Marquee & Underway CDs now. Both CDs is fine music but my favourite blues-era is the 1960s. Peter Green's guitar playing is superb!! Many many thanks to you.

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