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Placed by Michel Leclercq [ 16 apr 2009 ]
Hello, I m always interested by the CDs John Mayall with Peter Green. Do you have news? Regards, Michel

Placed by David Gwynn [ 14 apr 2009 ]
Hi Tom and Cathy, I know it´s been too long since we have spoken. I can see that the band is alive and well! Beautiful job on Underway! Tom, your voice has gotten better , or maybe you´ve got some great new bluesy microphone. Diego is here in my house at this very moment. He called yesterday saying he was stopping by on his way to a couple of record shows up in northern Europe. He is thrilled about his new song – you can tell he doesn´t quite know what to do about having a song written about him and his Cadillac. I was thinking about you guys, it being a year since the Thalia show. How was it this year? I´ve been real busy with work this last year, I hope to get back to my band after summer. I do have a fairly new page . Give my best to the rest of the guys, we are all looking forward to hearing the new record. David Gwynn.

Placed by Nicko Christiansen [ 11 apr 2009 ]
Hallo Tom, wij waren wel snel weg, maar vonden het allemaal erg goed in die zaal, en trouwens wat een mooie zaal. veel geluk met je band, groet Niko C.

Placed by Martin en Karin Teunissen [ 9 apr 2009 ]
Beste groep We waren bij jullie optreden van zaterdag 4 april in IJmuiden. Dat was genieten geblazen en gelukkig duurde het optreden lekker lang. Mooie muziek, goede sfeer. Volgend jaar weer, lijkt me een goed idee. Trouwens nog gefeliciteerd met jullie 40 jarig bestaan! Groet, Karin en Martin.

Placed by Kees van Krugten [ 9 apr 2009 ]
Was erg gezellig 4-4 met de bluestrain ,jongens!! als de trein vertrekt,moet je instappen,en dat gebeurde ook .leuk publiek, goed P/A. en een lekker vet drumstel,bedankt Cor,! Hopelijk tot snel. Voorhuidmarssss. Kees.

Placed by Ab en Mary Visser [ 5 apr 2009 ]
Hallo Tom We willen jullie even laten weten dat we èrg genoten hebben gisteravond, wat we ervan verwachtten hebben jullie waargemaakt. Verrassende nummers (substitude) dat was echt leuk om die weer eens te horen, en lekker veel van Peter Green. Ook leuk om alvast wat te horen van jullie nieuwe cd. De Livin`blues xperience was ook tè gek goed, strakke band, goeie show! Bedankt en gauw tot ziens Ab & Mary Egmond

Placed by Fenny Traksel [ 5 apr 2009 ]
Hi tom, Je nog even laten weten dat ik super genoten heb vanavond bij de bluestrain!!!!! De chauffeur wilde gelijk na het concert naar huis dus kon ik jullie helaas niet persoonlijk bedanken, maar was echt top!!! en de slagroom op het toetje "worried dreams" heerlijk! Dus bij deze dank voor de mooie avond ook aan Frans, Paul, Cor en jullie toetsenist (die ken ik nog niet zo goed).

Placed by Koos Roskam [ 30 mrt 2009 ]
Hoi Tom, het was een hartelijk weerzien vergezeld van een fantastisch concert afgelopen zaterdag in onze Jazz Club Mahogany Hall in Edam. Voor herhaling vatbaar. Groeten aan allen en graag tot ziens. Koos.

Placed by Koos Roskam [ 30 mrt 2009 ]
Hoi Tom, het was een hartelijk weerzien vergezeld van een fantastisch concert afgelopen zaterdag in onze Jazz Club Mahogany Hall in dam. Voor herhaling vatbaar. Groeten aan allen en graag tot ziens. Koos.

Placed by Frits Segers [ 29 mrt 2009 ]
Hello Tom, A dream to come true, visiting a Mayall concert in London in '67. I was then only 10 years old! Two years later I bought my first Mayal album "So Many Roads" and followed him for many years to come. After the great jazzy recordings with Freddy Robinson & Blue Mitchell the magic disappeared. Via Mayall I learned about people like J.B. Lenoir and I discovered others like Skip James, McTell , Patton, etc., but I still put the old Mayall albums on the turntable often. So if there's a chance to buy the recordings you made of John & Greeny please let me know!! And yes I know I'm not the first who asked this question. A Dutch bluesfan, Frits Segers

Placed by Robert Kochanski [ 25 feb 2009 ]
Hello, I am very interested in purchasing this album( Wild Blues) here in the United States. I am having a difficult time finding it here. Could you please advise me as to where I can purchase this. Thank you so much and I really appreciate your music what little snip- its I have found. Thanks Bob.

Placed by Tom Huissen [ 25 feb 2009 ]
Hi Bruce, I may have a copy of Rockin' Squirrel without the synthesizer but I am not sure. I have all those old tapes stacked away and I need a proper old fashioned tape recorder to find out. It is possible that on the tape without the synthesizer also some of the guitar parts are missing When I have the time I will check this out. But you need to have patience because I need to find a proper tape recorder first. There is a story attached to the synthesizer used for the recording of Rockin' Squirrel. Our producer of Wild Blues, Tony Vos, unfortunately had in 1971 a severe motor cycle accident and was taken to hospital for a very long time. He was the only guy we knew at Phonogram Records and we were still very young and inexperienced. So the company decided that we should do the recording of our first meant to be single with Hans van Hemert. He is a very poppy producer and in later years commercially wise very successful with the most dreadful songs. We did not get on very well. There was no chemistry at all. When we were recording people brought in this brand new synthesizer, the first one ever in this famous Dutch studio in Hilversum. The producer was really fascinated and wanted to use this new toy straight away in the recording. It was not our cup of tea but the producer was in charge. We actually had a row over this with the producer and after the recordings we never saw him again. And the single never got released. Keep in touch, with kind regards, Tom

Placed by Juan David Villen [ 25 feb 2009 ]
Hi Tom, I would like to buy a copy of the 5 cds of John Mayall feat. Peter Green, It's the best recording that I ever heard of a perfomance of Peter Green and Peter it's my favourite guitar player. I hope you want to share this gems. Thanks. David Villén from Spain.

Placed by eric [ 22 feb 2009 ]
hello i want to know how to buy your recording of peter green bluesbreackers thanks

Placed by Bruce Kelso [ 5 feb 2009 ]
Hello Tom-- Thank you for responding. I collect a lot of Dutch groups, such as, Golden Earring 65-72, Bintangs 66-67, Outsiders 66-70, Cuby/Blizzards 66-68, Q65 66-68, and Rob Hoeke R&B group, which is where I found out about your LP. On the back of the I Feel Free/Got To Boogie single by them, I saw a picture of the JTR Wild Blues LP. I then heard the record and fell in love with it. A couple of years ago I found a CD of it with bonus tracks. I have one question for you, does the Rockin Squirrel single exist somewhere without the synthesizer overdubs? Boy, that would be great to hear! Regards, Bruce Kelso

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