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Placed by Clive Newell [ 13 sep 2011 ]
Hi Tom, Thanks for for getting back to me regarding the sleeve notes being in PDF format. I found one small section of main narrative, (on the left) under 'The Ultimate Blues Years' does not fit fully into foolscap-sized paper upon printing out... But I'm sure there must be a way around it and it is only a small section anyway.... (Might be a re-sizing thing on my printer set-up anyway). I've now listened to your band's tracks and much of the sound reminds me of the later sound of The Peter Green Green Splinter Group! I think they referred to it as a "mid Atlantic sound'... IMO, the lead guitarist's tone, (to my ear) is similar to Nigel Watson who often did co-lead with PG. I really like your take of 'Underway' and "all in all", all tracks very listenable... :-) Concerning The Marquee recording, Peter Green's playing was certainly 'on fire' and the sound quality good... What a great little tape machine that turned out to be! Thanks again for making these tracks available to the Peter Green fans and I look forward to the others as and when you are able to release them... It must have been wonderful for you to have been there to experience all the atmosphere live and while I think I mentioned to you before, that, I too, was local to those venues, I was just a little too young to pass getting into the pubs!... Really though, by offering them to the Peter Green appreciators, you are offering them the next best thing. All the best and thanks also for advising you will also post the complete album to me. Some guys are now aware on the Les Paul forum of the download and are (like me) are very happy! Clive

Placed by David Dersh [ 13 sep 2011 ]
Tom, I really like Underway. I've listened to it a couple times. Thanks, -David

Placed by Jo Marie [ 13 sep 2011 ]
Hi Tom Any news of the possibility of John the Revelator touring Australia any time soon? The Sydney Blues Festival at Windsor is having its 3rd year now and getting bigger and better. Still will never forget seeing you guys at the Windsor Bowling Club 2 years ago!! Hope to see you soon down under again soon. Jo

Placed by Piero Urban [ 13 sep 2011 ]
Just downloaded the Marquee tape 1967 and listened to it. Just GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Any idea when you'll make the other shows available? Please let me now, I surely want them!!! Piero Urban

Placed by Eric [ 12 sep 2011 ]
un grand merci a vous pour enfin pouvoir entendre peter green en public avec mayall merci mercimerci..............

Placed by Eddie Diaz [ 12 sep 2011 ]
Tom, Thanks, I received the digital bonus download of the Marquee tape featuring Peter Green. Sounds great! Looking forward to hear the rest of the Mayall tapes with Peter Green. Also looking forward in receiving "Underway" Best Wishes, Eddie Diaz

Placed by Jan Horjus [ 8 sep 2011 ]
hallo Tom > > bedankt voor die kikke live track, klasse > > Heb je al veel voor reacties op de aankomende ""release"" van de > eerste green mayall/tapes?? > > Ik zie het van zelf wel verschijnen op de site > > keep up the good work > > Jan

Placed by Todd Beebe [ 7 sep 2011 ]
Hi! Just wanted to say- I downloaded Underway a few days ago- and it is all I have been listening to since then!! Fantastic!! Someone told me you will be giving out a download of Peter Green with Mayall after Sept. 25- if you buy "Underway." I am just wondering- will people like myself- who bought the album before the 22nd also get the download? Just wondering, as I'd love to hear it of course. Either way- congratulations on a masterpiece! I cant stop playing it! Very enjoyable!- Todd Beebe, Mokena, IL USA

Placed by Remi [ 5 sep 2011 ]
Hello, i am search a copy from Snowy White and John the Revelator from the Show in NL 2005! Bluestrain to Thalia IJmuiden Holland 23rd of April 2005 dieses Album kann man leider nicht kaufen!!! ich habe ein eigenes Bluesforum, und suche nach diesem auftritt schon länger als 3 Jahre! Gruss Remi

Placed by Theo Majoor [ 24 aug 2011 ]
Goeie avond Tom, Ik heb zojuist de dvd/cd Blues train to Thalia ontvangen. En daar word een ouwe bluesknakker echt blij van !!!! Voor mij bekende en aansprekende nummers, en de manier waarop jullie ze spelen : mooi man !! En ook de hoes met prachtige foto's is echt super. Ik ben een groot fan van Peter Green en via het zoeken naar filmopnames van Peter Greens nummer Fool no more kwam ik bij jullie band terecht. Ik schaam me om te moeten zeggen dat ik jullie dus ook nog nooit live heb horen en zien spelen, maar daar komt snel verandering in. Bedankt : Theo Majoor

Placed by Chris [ 22 aug 2011 ]
Hello, I'm interested in the Peter Green recordings. Are they available? Thank you.

Placed by Thomas Schmid [ 17 aug 2011 ]
I'm just listening to your version of UNDERWAY for abouth the tenth time. I 've always endorsed the Mac version, but yours of simply fantastic, too. I really love it! Thomas

Placed by Kristoffer Litmanowicz [ 17 aug 2011 ]
Hey Tom ! Apparently I misunderstood your message ! I was so excited to finally be able to download these rare tapes that I forgot to read your whole message properly ! I would be very pleased with your arrangement ! I whish to get the Marguee session in mp3 mode if possible ? One question , will I be able to download the rest of this tapes later on and how do I do it ? I listened to your latest album Underway and find it superb ! You are really really good ! I am a big admirer of Peter Green and your version of Underway is as good as the early Fleedwood Mac's ! I have an account on youtube with a few of my favorite tracks here is the link, You can go there if you like ! Thanks Tom and have a good life !

Placed by marcello [ 28 jul 2011 ]
hello guys. Is er helemaal geen materiaal beschikbaar van Hellhound ?

Placed by terence green [ 18 mei 2011 ]

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