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Placed by Dave Clegg [ 18 jan 2012 ]
Hi, Same as a couple of the other guys on your email list. I would like to buy the John Mayall live tapes. Any plans? Dave U.K.

Placed by Brendan [ 18 jan 2012 ]
would like to purchase the 5 green / mayall live tapes from 1967, if possible, Brenda, Ireland

Placed by Joost van Steen [ 15 jan 2012 ]
Waarde Blues vrienden; Via heb ik uw gegevens en site gevonden en wil graag het volgende onder de aandacht brengen; O.a. op Alphen Stad FM, in Alphen aan den Rijn maak ik al meer als 10 jaar het progamma Jazz & Blues Tour en sinds 2 oktober en het geweldige evenement "The Blues Challenge" in Nieuwe Vennep wil ik een nieuw item ontwikkelen in mijn programma genaamd "The Dutch Blues Corner". Helaas heb ik nog niet zoveel bluesmateriaal van Nederlandse bands, naast het vele materiaal van over de hele wereld, en wil ik dus langs weg een oproep doen of u uw CD- materiaal (of digitaal in MP3 maar dan wel graag met afbeelding van een eventuele CD erbij voor referentie) beschikbaar te stellen voor dit nieuwe initiatief waarbij we bij genoeg response de corner zullen uitbreiden van 1 naar 2 tracks per week. Wilt u meer informatie stuur even een mailtje; of kijk op de website supporting de show; Bij voorbaat dank voor uw eventueel interesse en moeite; Met vriendelijke groet Joost van Steen Host/producer Jazz & Blues Tour P/A Raadhuisstraat 73a 2406 AA Alphen aan den Rijn

Placed by Don Brown [ 12 dec 2011 ]
Hi Tom, I just received the new 'We Transfer' that you sent, of the "Manor House" Tape. I am listening to it at this moment. Sounds Great!! Thanks so much for sending. I appreciate your sharing of these fabulous early recordings, more than you can know. Outside of 2 Live Tracks included in the "Essentially John Mayall" Box Set, to my knowledge, yours are the only Peter Green / Bluesbreakers Live Recordings in existence. As you probably know, John Mayall lost just about everything from that era, in a major house fire, a number of years ago. It really is a treat for me to hear these. Peter's playing is over top. And the sound quality really is incredible. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please don't hesitate to ask. My best to you. Cheers, Don

Placed by Bob [ 28 nov 2011 ]
Hi, Will John Mayall's Bluesbreakers featuring Peter Green be available to download/purchase? Would LOVE to have that! Thanks, Bob

Placed by Celso Samea [ 21 nov 2011 ]
Hi Tom, I already hear both Peter Green recordings a dozen times. They are fantastic. I'm even more astonished with his playing. The fluidity and the choose of notes are amazing. How lucky you were to see them and tape these shows. I also loved your music, the kind I like. When do you expect to release the other three albums with Peter Green? Thanks again for sharing them. All the best, Celso

Placed by Todd Beebe [ 21 nov 2011 ]
Hi Tom! Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to drop a line to say Im very much enjoying Down in the Mud. So glad I purchased this- great stuff! Thank you again too for releasing Manor House. Its such an honor to get to hear these legendary recordings. Thanks again for preserving these- and for sharing them with the world. Don;t worry about anyone saying anything negative about sharing them. It seems like alot of people just always want to ruin a good thing or knock it down in this world. I dont understand why. Anyways- thanks for everything- and thanks for the great music! I really appreciate all of it. Todd Beebe Mokena, IL USA

Placed by Peter Ericsson [ 6 nov 2011 ]
Hi Tom, Thanks for all the prosperous information. I've just made a reservation at the Augusta Hotel, which looks really nice, for me and my wife and I would kindly ask you, if possible, to reserve two tickets for your concert on the 24th of March -12. Please let me know if I could pay in advance to make sure that we'll get the tickets. I'm really looking forward to take part in this event! And I'm very curious to hear the 'Addicted to Greeny' EP. Lots of fun to look forward during the first part of the coming year....... We'll keep in touch. /Peter

Placed by Don Brown [ 6 nov 2011 ]
Hi Tom, Thanks so much for sending your "Down In The Mud" CD as well as the download for the "Manor House" Recording. I have had time to listen to both, and really enjoyed them. 'John The Revelator' has a great authentic Bluesy sound. I also enjoyed watching the Youtube footage that I found, of you guys playing live. Regarding the "Manor House" Tape: I was totally blown away by Peter's playing on this one... even better than the 'Marquee' performance. I really do appreciate you sharing these great historical recordings with me. If there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask. My best to you. Cheers, Don

Placed by Peter Ericsson [ 4 nov 2011 ]
Hi Tom, Thank you very much for making the Marquee and Manor House recordings of JM's Bluesbreakers performances available. For me, a Peter Green follower since the time of 'A Hard Road', it's absolutely fabolous to be able to hear these early live recordings of Peter Green's guitar work. Please inform me if or when you will make the other recordings available. I also have a few more questions for you on another subject: Are there any information about the Bluestrain to Thalia 2012 / Addicted to Greeny event available in English? I'm considering the possibility to travel there from Sweden and would like to know a little more about the venue. Is it a one night event in one place, or? Are there several bands that are going to play there, if so, who are they? Any specific hotels you could recommend? Hope you have the possibility answer to some of my questions. Best regards, Peter

Placed by Terence Green [ 4 nov 2011 ]
hi, thanks very much for the cds it was a surprise ,sounds good, keep up the good work . a bit of news of the blues ,i lived on the isle of wight till 1970 , just heard that the great mick taylor lives there now and plays sometimes in the local pub . a great player who still plays well just like jeffbeck .oh yes check out a new young brit guitarist on youtube aynsley lister playing a black les p in p green style weel must go its late again all the best terence..................

Placed by Carl Webb [ 31 okt 2011 ]
Tom, Downloaded the John Mayall / Peter Green Manor House recordings – to go with the Marquee recordings. Great to hear it. Just realised I haven’t said thank you – for being there and recording it. So, thank you. I never saw Peter Green with Mayall but I saw him numerous times with Fleetwood Mac (almost always before Danny Kirwan’s time) but I already had the Hard Road CD. Part of my late teens / early 20’s was the London club scene (obviously Fleetwood Mac, Mayall with Taylor and Hartley, other favourites were Colosseum (some ex-Mayall’s there), Steamhammer (Juniors Wailing is still a favourite), Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention (Richard Thompson very underrated), Cream (with Eric somebody), 10 Years After and many more. Hebben een goede week

Placed by Chris Miller [ 29 okt 2011 ]
Hi Tom, I just wanted to send you a quick note, I’ll write more when I get the time. In the 60’s a common expression for letting people know we were blown away was “WOW” All I can say is WOW! The Marquee CD sounds absolutely amazing. What a great job of mastering. The more I listen to this the more I think it may be the best I’ve ever heard Green play, certainly with the most fire and passion. I think he is playing even better than on the Boston tapes. He and Kirwan were cookin but Green seems more self-conscious and aware of the tape machine in Boston. I think you have managed to capture him in his most natural and uninhibited state. The only equivalent is the Manor House tape which captures Green in equally fine form. These are phenomenal tapes. If the rest are as good … well I don’t know what to say, it’s some sort of holy grail of blues guitar. The bonus for me is that I’m really enjoying the two John the Revelator CD’s. You guys are a great band. My personal take is that the package you are selling is worth every penny and then some. My hat off to you Tom and thanks so much for sharing these. Cheers, Chris

Placed by Martin Donald [ 27 okt 2011 ]
Tom, Thanks very much for the CD's. The Manor House Tape is wonderful to listen to. I like the way you've kept the the performances together. It would have been easy to take your personal favourite and make up a CD that way, but by keeping each day together, a feel of the whole evening comes across. Amazing to hear other versions of So Many Roads and The Stumble. Quite different in feel from the Marquee versions. Regarding Down In The Mud. I prefer this album to Underway - more of a blues feel about it. Some great blues vocals from yourself and your colleagues. Some clear influences but certainly nothing wrong with that. Don't forget to get hold of a copy of Strange Brew. Your dates are included in that book. Martin

Placed by Bela [ 27 okt 2011 ]
Hello Tom, Thank you very much for your CD "Down in the Mud" that arrived safely yesterday. I have listened through the songs and realize that we have a lot of things in common. We are both grown in the exciting era of music, such as John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Fleetwood Mac etc etc. And we both have kept our love for this music. I like that "John and The Revelator" stick loyal to the Blues and its nature. I really look forward to get the opportunity to play together with you guys:-) Keep up the good work! The Manor House recordings show that Peter was in great shape during period of time! Take care. All my best, Bela

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