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Placed by Ben Oldenbeuving [ 31 mrt 2012 ]
Hoi Tom, bedankt voor jouw mail. Ik waardeer dat bijzonder. Het is echt lang geleden dat ik zulke goeie muziek heb gehoord. Ik ben een fan van Julian Sas, maar wat jullie neerzetten, met 2 gitaren en de toetsen van Erwin, de ritmetrein van Cor en jou, dat is werkelijk fenomenaal. Je kunt merken dat jullie langere tijd samen spelen, want het klinkt echt heel strak. De slidegitaar van Paul komt keer op keer zeer verrassend uit de hoek en dendert dan weer over de solo van Frans heen. En bij veel stukken is het of je Peter Green gewoon zelf hoort spelen. Ik krijg nu alweer kippevel! Geweldig. Oh ja, de fotograaf, vriend van Erwin en mijn neef, had mij uitgenodigd om naar jullie te gaan kijken. Ik heb er geen moment spijt van gehad. En, heb ik ook tegen Erwin gezegd, waar mogelijk laat ik jullie naam vallen hier in het oosten. Ik hoop dan ook van ganser harte dat jullie hier nog eens komen spelen. Nogmaals dank voor je persoonlijke mail, dat waardeer ik heel erg. Het ga je goed en ik hoop jullie allen snel weer te kunnen zien spelen. Vriendelijke groet, Ben Oldenbeuving Still got the blues

Placed by leo de leede [ 27 mrt 2012 ]
we hebben genoten zaterdagavond! jullie waren fantastisch! bedankt voor de cd. hij is al weer bijna grijs gedraaid, klasse! sorry jullie waren niet top maar jullie zijn top!!! leo en relinda

Placed by Frits Krieg [ 26 mrt 2012 ]
Hallo Tom, Het was helemaal top, jullie concert in Thalia. Ik ben erg blij dat ik er ben geweest en heb volop genoten. De cd is ook prachtig. Een leuke geste. Bedankt. Hartelijke groeten, Frits

Placed by Frans Veldhoven [ 25 mrt 2012 ]
Het is heel lang geledendat ik zo,n goeie bleusband heb gezien,wat een klasse. Ik heb een voorliefde voor de slidegitaar,nou ik ben an m,n trekken gekomen,Paul is fantastisch en de rest ook. Dank jullie wel

Placed by Ben Oldenbeuving [ 25 mrt 2012 ]
Beste mensen, wat was dit een klasse optreden. Ik heb van de eerste tot de laatste noot onmetelijk genoten van jullie enthousiasme en energie. Echt klasse muziek. Jammer dat we dit zo weinig te horen krijgen. Ik ben ervoor uit Brummen gekomen, maar de volgende keer ben ik er weer bij. Dank voor de fantastische avond.

Placed by Theo Majoor [ 25 mrt 2012 ]
Fantastische avond gisteren in het Thalia theater. Tom beloofde vooraf dat het leuk zou worden, dat was iets te bescheiden, het was super leuk

Placed by Jimmy Dukes [ 6 mrt 2012 ]
Hey Tom, I did receive the DVD/CD Bluestrain to Thalia. What a neat package. I particularly enjoyed the versions of "Brown Sugar", "Black Magic Woman" and "Worried Dream". Mr. French has got the Peter Green tone and great feel of his own. I loved your bass playing and vocals. The band sounded very tight. Drummer impressive as well. He looked like he could serve as your enforcer should a problem arise. Just heard Robert Plant will be playing the Sunflower Blues Festival in Clarksdale. It takes place in. August. That's one of the gigs I'm checking on for you guys. Anyway, got to go for now. Will stay in touch. Jimmy

Placed by Todd Beebe [ 1 mrt 2012 ]
Hi Tom! How are things? Hope all is going well with you. Just wanted to drop a line to say "Hello"- and also to say "Thank you" again for Ram Jam and for Wild Blues. Im enjoying them both very very much! Great stuff for sure! The sound quality on Ram Jam is again- astounding considering you recorded it on the Sanyo. (Im right about that right?) Amazing what you can get with a recorder and a great band sometimes! Anyways- thanks again! Between your own material and the Green/Mayall stuff- you've given me some amazing listening this last year! Just curious: do you have more things you'll be making available? This alone has been such a great treat- but just curious if you are planning more? Either way- Thank you for everything so far! Todd

Placed by Oscar from Argentina [ 23 feb 2012 ]
Hi John, I'm interest in buy this iten: John Mayall's Bluesbreakers featuring Peter Green 5 april 1967. Can you email me the cost to ship this item to my country, do you have paypal?. I hope yor answer, thank you very much.

Placed by Michale Ravassat [ 23 feb 2012 ]
Hi Tom, Finally had the time to listen carefully to the Ram Jam Tape today. Great stuff! I find it really interesting that Peter used much more the Out of phase sound on this show, even though it's a earlier date than the other tapes.. I don't know if he then got fed up with it (or maybe John did..) for a while and got back to it to use it much more with Fleetwood Mac. Thanks anyway again for these great historical treasures! All the best Michae

Placed by Jimmy Dukes [ 15 feb 2012 ]
Hey Tom, Thanks for the phenemonal recordings of Peter with John Mayall! Also, thanks for staying in touch with my sister Karen. I had heard some of the Green and Mayall live stuff but what i heard did not feature much lead playing. Of course I have all the studio stuff with Mayall several times over. I'm an absolute Green fanatic. I believe I have as good a collection as can be found anywhere in the world. Have many different live recordings. Much of my life has been spent working in record stores. I live to hear that man tear into a slow blues such as B.B. King's "All Over Again" or "If you let me love you", etc.His tone is to die for. I'm so glad I found about you guys! I love your music. Underway is a great record, you do it justice. I like your variety on the record. Look forward to hearing more of your stuff and receiving the package you put together. As Karen mentioned, would love to see you guys come to the Mississippi delta and play some of our festivals in the summer and fall. One is the King Biscuit Festival in Helena Arkansas. It's a 3 day affair, my friend Anson Funderburgh plays it every year. The Sunflower Festival in Clarksdale,MS. is another good one. I'm working on these things as I know some of the people involved. As I find out more I will keep you informed on what is going on. Hope we can make it happen! I know you would need other gigs to make it worthwhile. So, we'll see what we can do.That's a smokin' version you guys do of ZZ's "Brown Sugar". I also love Snowy White. On those Mayall recordings Green plays like a man possessed. Of course he had just replaced Clapton and had something to prove.I could go on all day but had better get to work. Look forward to hearing from you Yours, Jimmy Dukes

Placed by Hucky111111 [ 13 feb 2012 ]
Youtube. Hucky111111 heeft een reactie geplaatst op Worried dreams: Waarom is John nooit echt bekend geworden , is toch geweldig, jammer nooit live horen spelen, ga me toch in hem verdiepen

Placed by Clive Newell [ 13 feb 2012 ]
Hi Tom, Thanks for getting back to me. As for me, whether your dates are correct or not, I'm just happy to be able to "go back in time", (as it were) to be able to listen to such wonderful electric blues played by my all time favourite guitarist... That book by Christopher Hjort makes for very interesting reading and doubtless, a very dedicated work... Yet it doesn't capture the "vibe" of the live gig as does your tapes.... Besides, who is to say absolutely, that the "Strange Brew" dates are 100% correct? More importantly, (for you) is that you were there and whereas numerous others were too, you were able to record it and for that, I am thankful. All the best, Clive

Placed by Dave [ 30 jan 2012 ]
Hi Tom, I've got the Marquee Tapes and had a quick listen, they're great. I only saw John Mayall once, I think it was at The Twisted Wheel in Manchester and your tapes take me back there. I think it was 1966 and I'm not sure who the lead guitarist was, probably Eric Clapton but it was before I knew (or cared, I had other things like girls on my mind at the time) who Clapton was. By the way have you ever produced any transcriptions of your work. I really like "Why Would you Cry for Me?" especially the lead guitar work. I'm happy to pay the 'going rate' if something is available. Thanks again. Best Regards Dave

Placed by Brendan Rice [ 28 jan 2012 ]
My my my, young Tom Huissen, you're gonna become immortal, I think, with the release of these Mayall / Green tapes, never thought I'd hear such stuff again, I'm a bit overwhelmed, i listened once to the Manor tape, it reminds me of two things, the "Blues Alone" Mayall period, and a comment John McVie said lately when asked does he ever listened to Greeny now, "I'd prefer to remember him when he bled from the guitar", as he does on your tapes, have not got a chance to hear your own music, funny enough, I missed the Cuby / Blizzard Holland blues music back then, the pianest with Cuby's eary stuff may be the best I ever heard, if you have any mayall Colosseum etc stuff from thes period, especially with Taylor, I'll but them from you Tom, regards and gratitude, Brendan, Ireland

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