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Placed by PEDRO [ 15 okt 2012 ]
Ha sido una de las experiencias más bonitas que he tenido en mi amplia vida musical, me ha encantado el concierto de Torreperogil, ha sido genial impresionante el ambiente y el lugar, volveré seguro y seguro que a partir de ahora os seguiré más de cerca. un saludo desde madrid. Letterlijk vertaald: Het is een van de mooiste ervaringen in mijn leven op muzikaal gebied. Het concert in Torreperogil was geweldig. Het was overweldigend, de sfeer en de plek. Ik kom zeker terug. Vanaf vandaag zal ik jullie van dichtbij volgen. Een groet uit Madrid.

Placed by mike hall [ 24 aug 2012 ]
Hi guys, Just put you up on my facebook site,and corr the t-shirt still fits,your friends in blues Mike Hall and the crew , bunbury western australia.

Placed by Luca Moneti Schliemann [ 16 jul 2012 ]
Hello there, I've just spent a great deal of time researching the availability of your 1967 recordings of John Mayall with Peter Green. I have come to the conclusion that there are only a handful of lucky Greeny enthusiasts that got a chance to download the Marquee tape when it was set up as a free download linked to the purchase of "Underway" and that the rest of the recordings have still been left unreleased. I am what some might call a Peter Green fanatic and have collected just about every commercially released track and live bootleg he ever played on. That being said, I am absolutely dying to hear this live material from Peter's Mayall days in its entirety! I play guitar, and listening to the progression of players like Green and Clapton as their sounds evolved through time has always been a great source of inspiration for my own playing. In many ways, listening to their playing grow helps me find ways to grow myself. The Marquee tape offers a glimpse of period of Peter's playing that has been completely undocumented (until now that is), and provides a bridge between his work on "A Hard Road" with his incendiary playing with the Fleetwood Mac, which is basically why I am so enthusiastic about hearing it! It also offers a glimpse at Peter's live playing with Mayall, which i have always been extremely curious about. I'm sure by this point you know exactly where I'm going with this so here it goes. I was wondering if we might be able to discuss some way that i might possibly (hopefully haha) be able to obtain a copy of the tapes from you. I would be willing to do just about anything to get a chance to listen to them, so just let me know! Thank you so much for the consideration! Best, Luca Moneti Schliemann

Placed by Hans Bus [ 8 jul 2012 ]
Beste Tom, Vandaag diverse bezoekers gesproken en die waren zeer enthousiast over de avond en vooral over jullie optreden. Ik heb vandaag in de auto naar een cd van jullie geluisterd en zo nog even nagenoten. Wie weet volgend jaar weer? Groeten aan jou en de bandleden, Hans Bus

Placed by Ria Willemse-Kaland [ 6 jul 2012 ]
Hallo Tom, alles goed? Ik zag pas geleden op jullie website dat de CD "Wild Blues" te bestellen was. Helaas kan ik die mogelijkheid niet meer vinden op de site. Is de CD nog op de een of andere manier te bestellen? Het lijkt ons namelijk een leuk cadeau voor een goede vriendin, die nooit iets weet te verzinnen voor haar verjaardag, maar wel een keer heeft aangegeven dat ze jullie muziek goed vindt. Groetjes, ook namens Ton!

Placed by Frank Fox [ 18 jun 2012 ]
Tom, I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail about the last CD you mailed to me. I love the blues and especially Peter Green, (early) Clapton, and Mick Taylor. I have to say your performance on John the Revelator Wild Blues ranks right up there with the big boys! Phenomenal blues playing and tone. The slide work really reminded me of some early wonderful Fleet Mac recordings. Really fantastic!!!! Thank you very much for this excellent addition to my blues CD collection. Cheers. Frank Fox

Placed by Jean-Marx Santel [ 15 jun 2012 ]
Hello, where can one purchase these recordings? Thanks

Placed by Gerrit Keuris [ 1 mei 2012 ]
Wat waren jullie weer geweldig op koninginnedag en wat veel publiek ook en het hele mooie weer het korte moment dat wij er waren heb ik zelf enorm genoten van jullie en zekerr om jou Cor even de hand schudden en gesproken te mogen hebben de eerst komende keer dat ik aanwezig kan zijn zal ik er de hele dag avond zijn vond echt geweldig dankjewel danjewel Jhon the Revelator was echt gezellijg subliem enorm namens Ilona Keuris mijn dochter en haar vriend Mike en zeker namens mij Gerrit Keuris

Placed by Christopher Gabrys [ 18 apr 2012 ]
Tom, Thanks so much for the tapes, I've enjoyed every one. They reinforced what I've always felt, that Peter was something special in his time. Congratulations also on keeping a band together for so many years and continuing to make great music. Maybe with the inspiration these tapes have given me, I will someday do the same Chris Gabrys

Placed by Gerrit Keurisd [ 14 apr 2012 ]
Hay Cor Dijkhuizen kwam heel toevallig hier op de site misschien herrinner jij mij nog Wij fietsen samen regelmatig naar het werk Hoogovens de gloeierij waar jij toen werkte wel heel lang geleden hoor zal gaan proberen om op 30 april jullie te zien en als mag wat foto,s maken en als helemaal kan jou even te spreken groetjes Cor van Gerrit Keuris uit Beverwijk vroeger Ijmuiden

Placed by thomas potts [ 12 apr 2012 ]
Interested in the peter green cds. Either as downloads or cds. What do I need to do. thanks tom

Placed by Age Nilsen [ 11 apr 2012 ]
Hello Tom, I have now listened to those five concerts, and I have to say, P.G deliver an outstanding performance. You know, I'm very very happy, that I got in touch with you, so I got the oppertunity to hear P.G live with John Mayall from the 60's. You are a lucky man, you were there. Have you contacted John Mayall, and told him about this treasure you got ? He lost most of the old live tapes in a fire in the 80's I think. I read that he recorded many concerts, with a tape recorder he carried around. Åge

Placed by Don Brown [ 10 apr 2012 ]
i Tom, The WeTransfer of your "Bromley" Tape came through this afternoon. Thanks so much for sending! I am listening to the recording at this very moment, for the first time. "Tears In My Eyes" is playing and Peter's guitar break is absolutely brilliant. Can't wait to hear the rest of it. I appreciate these wonderful rarities more than you can know. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask. As ever, my best to you. Cheers, Don

Placed by Eric Batalitzky [ 6 apr 2012 ]
Thanks, just finished listening to the Marquee tape. Peter was amazing. Makes me wanna reconsider Mick Taylor being my all time favorite. Also listened to Wild Blues. That take on Worried Dreams sent chills down my spine. Thanks again for the wonderful music.

Placed by Sonja Olthuis [ 1 apr 2012 ]
Hi Tom, We zijn even in Limburg geweest en daarom reageer ik wat later dan ik wilde doen, maar hierbij alsnog onze dank voor het mogen genieten van de BluesTrain. We vonden het een geweldig optreden, hebben enorm genoten, vooral ook van het feit, dat jullie daar met zoveel plezier zulke enorm goede Blues ten gehore brachten. Het spetterde er af en dat merkte je onder alle aanwezigen. Nogmaals dank!

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