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Placed by Angelo van Nies [ 11 mrt 2013 ]
Beste Tom, Het gaat er van komen. Ik heb zojuist kaarten besteld voor 23 maart te IJmuiden. Ik kijk er nu al naar uit om i.p.v. de dagelijkse portie JtR via de CD’s jullie echt te horen. Jammerlijk heb ik mijn belofte van vorig jaar 24 maart niet kunnen waarmaken. Maar daar waren voor mij droeve familieomstandigheden de reden voor. Ik heb daarmee ook CD \'Addicted to Greeny\' gemist en hoopte dat iemand of 2 exemplaren had of er vanaf wilde via b.v. Marktplaats. Maar dit laatste kon ik me al niet voorstellen J. Helaas is deze nog nergens aangeboden. Weet jij wellicht nog iemand die een dubbel exemplaar heeft en er 1 wil verkopen? I.i.g. ga ik een knallende avond beleven op de 23e. Tot dan!!!!!! Angelo

Placed by Peter Parcek [ 27 feb 2013 ]
Hi Tom Thanks for great music. I lived in London in the late 60\'s & would like to hear the entirety of the P Green J Mayall recordings you have , if that is possible. Please see to hear a recent take on Showbiz Blues from my record The Mathematics of Love. Thanks! Peter

Placed by Keith [ 26 feb 2013 ]
Hello there - I am also very much interested in obtaining a copy of the Peter Green and the London Years CD\'s. If you could be of any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Keith

Placed by Arto Sulasalmi [ 21 feb 2013 ]
Hi, How can I buy CD:s or load John Mayall ´s Bluesbreakers featuring Peter Green?

Placed by Spring [ 7 feb 2013 ]
Hi there, really interested in getting hold of the \"Peter Green and the London years\" CD\'s you records. Can you please let me know how to get them. Very many thanks. Paul

Placed by DAMIANO [ 20 jan 2013 ]
Hi i have wild blues in cd but now i want on vinyl. Where can i buy it? Thanks

Placed by Frits Segers [ 21 dec 2012 ]
Is the offer still available of buying your \"Underway\" CD with a free bonus download of Green & Mayall?

Placed by John [ 14 dec 2012 ]
I shall be obliged if you will let me know how to purchase a copy of the Bluesbreakers with Peter Green CDs.

Placed by Krzystof Kowalk [ 22 nov 2012 ]
Hi Tom, I\'ve just listened to the first three gigs. Sound quality is very good. Greeny\'s guitar work is ioutstanding and the whole band sounds very well. Thank you for saving these tapes for posterity. This recordings for me, as Greeny\'s fan, are great treasure :-). All the best Krzysztof

Placed by Krzystof Kowalk [ 21 nov 2012 ]
Just bought 3 your CDs - I listened to them online. Some tracks are incrredible !!! I\'ve known eriel your CD - Wild Blues. I know some Dutch musicians as well - Livin\' Blues, Focus, Julian Sas, Saskia Laroo, Candy Dulfer :-). But now about Peter Green. I\'m Greeny\'s die-hard fans since years. I\'ve collected almost all available recordings and even Written an article for Polish readers in Twoj Blues (Your Blues) magzine. So now I\'m waiting for the links to Greeny/Mayall tapes :-) Best regards Stay Green :-) Krzysztof

Placed by Adrian [ 19 nov 2012 ]
Hi there! Im very interested in those Peter Green/Mayall recordings. How can I purchase them? Btw i really love the Wild Blues album you guys did! Cheers/Adrian

Placed by Diego and Jesus [ 12 nov 2012 ]
Hi Tom, I´m in Albacete (200 km eastern from Torreperogil) with my friend Jesus ( the smaller man at your side in a photo). There are more packs of photos, from Conchita, Jesus and friends I will give you in a pen when I go to NL, but now we send some of the better. About the festival, friends told me they enjoyed JTR and Blues of Zo more than Snowy and they were amazing with you and Cor for so much work that night. For me everything were perfect because I saw Snowy in NL and I knew what he had to play, and, of course JTR; Blues of zo were better than I expected. I had a very good time all along the weekend. Grt Diego. Hello Tom and JTR band, I´m Jesús, the very best friend of Diego in Albacete (La Mancha, the land of Don Quijote). I need the other dossis JTR music as soon as possible in Spain. The Torreperogil 2012 concert was fantastic, but isn´t enough till next year. Diego is telling me right now about to take a fly for the next Thalia. In spanish language \"Os queremos\" (We love you) Saludos JESUS.

Placed by Brendan Rice [ 30 okt 2012 ]
Wonderful, timeless, brendan rice here Tom, in Ireland, ranting about those Green / Mayall tapes you sent me, I did not get them, for a while, in terms of what they are, precious music, I had believed that what mayall / Taylor did in 1968, could not be surpassed, Im so glad to be wrong, the versions of \"so many roads\" alone, are impossible sublime, at least to my ears, thank you, my dutch compadre, so much, regards Brendan

Placed by Paul Sutton [ 24 okt 2012 ]
Like so many others, I\'m interested in purchasing the five-disk set of John Mayall featuring Peter Green. Somewhere on this site it notes that it\'s available for purchase, but dullard that I am, I can\'t seem to find that page. Perhaps you could point me to it or send me instructions on how I can purchase the set. Thank you very much. Paul Sutton

Placed by Renate [ 17 okt 2012 ]
Hello ease send us the setlist from the show in Torreperogil Sally need it for her review and I would love to post it on Snowy\'s fanpage much love from Alicante Renate

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