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Frans ten Kleij: guitar, harmonica

Birthdate: 7th of December 1950

What gear do you use?
- Gibson SG Standard 1969
- Hamer Sunburst 1982
- Hamer Steve Stevens type 1, 1985

- Fender Bassman 1959 reissue
- Orange Overdrive Combo OD80, 1976

- Ibanez tubescreamer
- Boss RV5 digital reverb
- Line6 DL4 Delay Modeler
- Dunlop Cry Baby wah wah pedal

A mix of Hohner Blues harps and Proharps
Shure Green Bullet microphone

Who inspired you most?
Hank Marvin,Peter Green.

What is your favorurite song?
'20th Century man' by the Kinks

What is your favourite album?
'Rumor and Sigh' by Richard Thompson

What is your favourite live concert?
Duster Bennett, Penzance Wintergardens, August 1969

What is your own favourite lve concert?
- Bluestrain to Thalia IJmuiden (with Stan Webb/Chicken Shack),
24th of May 2003
- 20th anniversary gig Haarlemse Jazz Club, 1989


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