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zondag 22 maart 2009

John the Revelator spends a lot of time now in their own recording Bunker studio in IJmuiden recording a new album called "Underway".

The album will be released in September 2009 together with a special concert to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the band. The band is at this moment in negotiation about the exact location of the concert.

For the new album the band uses a lot of lyrics Tom has recently  written  and the band spends a lot of time experimenting with all kinds of new intriguing sounds. The new album will besides Tom, also feature Erwin Aubroeck as lead vocalist.

The band is recording and producing the new album in close association with Henk Suurling. Henk, who also recorded the former album "Down in the mud" is a great inspiration for the band and his contribution to the album is huge. 

So far 7 songs have been recorded.

1. Diego's drive (music: John the Revelator; lyrics: Tom)

2. Underway (Peter Green instrumental)

3. I ain't going down (music: John the Revelator; lyrics: Tom)

4. The great gig in the sky (Pink Floyd instrumental)

5.  Yonder come the blues (music: John the Revelator; lyrics: Tom)

6. Shakin' all over (rock 'n roll classic)

7. Ain't no love in the heart of the city (classic ballad).

The coming months the band will record 5 more songs mainly own compositions.

Presently you will be able to listen to the recorded songs on this website. 

Listen to the Peter Green instrumental Underway, the title track for the new album (click here)


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