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Blues Train to Thalia

Still under construction (more to come)

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Poster first Blues Train to Thalia

Blues and trains

Programmaboekje 1
Programmaboekje 2
Programmaboekje 3
Programmaboekje 4

Eerste Nederlandse blues-trein naar Thalia

On a midnight train to Thalia

Blues Train gaat rijden

Bluestrain naar Thalia

Het Parool Blues Train arrangement

Bluestrain boemelt swingend door Kennemerland

Positieve reacties op Blues Train to Thalia

Recensie EP unplugged

Poster with Julian Sas

Poster with Barrelhouse a.o.

Poster with Kaz Lux a.o.

Kaz Lux eindelijk op Blues Train

Kaz Lux gaat tot op de bodem

Poster with Cuby & the Blizzards a.o.

Aankondiging Cuby in Uitkrant

Cuby & the Blizzards in de Blues Train to Thal1a

Twee dagen Blues Train

Kaz Lux maakt de avond

Overdadige blues maaltijd

Poster with Peter Green/Splinter Group a.o.

Uniek bluesconcert met Peter Green

Poster with Chicken Shack a.o.

Chicken Shack Blues in Thalia

Poster with John the Revelator & Friends
35th annivresary concert

Bluestrain to Thalia uitverkocht

Uniek concert van 35-jarige bluesband

Spetterend samenspelen

Ridders in de orde der Revelators

Thalia stage shot

collage 1 photos

collage 2 photos

collage 3 photos

collage 4 photos

photo concert

photo 2 concert

photo 3 concert

Poster with Snowy White a.o.

Snowy White eregast

Bluestrain met legende Snowy White

Met Snowy White in Thalia

Na lang wachten nieuwe CD John the Revelator

Nieuwe CD John the Revelator

link: snowy white

Poster with Tineke Schoemaker a.o.

Beatles, blues en film

Tiende Blues Train naar Thalia

Het wordt weer feest voor de bluesliefhebbers

Feest voor de bluesliehebbers(recensie)

Poster with Barrelhouse a.o.

Bluestrain stopt weer in Thalia


Artikel Peter Bruyn Haarlems Dagblad 31 maart 2011


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Chris Farlowe & JTR

Photoshoot Blues Train to Thalia 2008 by Peter Snel

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Photo album Kaz Lux

Photos taken by Peter Snel, Bluestrain to Thalia, 31st of March 2007

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Free download Snowy White & JTR

I loved another woman
live soundboard recording Bluestrain to Thalia 2005


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Snowy White & John the Revelator

Watch the photohoot of Riet Molenaar Bluestrain to Thalia 2005

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Videos with Tineke Schoemaker, Frank Kraaijeveld, Jacques Kloes & Kaz Lux

Video recordings of the Blues Train to Thalia 2006 and 2004

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Photo album Bluestrain 2007

Watch the photoshoot of Peter Snel

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35th anniversary concert available now

Blues Train To Thalia


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EP Blues Train to Thalia 'unplugged'

Specially recorded for the 1st Blues Train (1997)

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Photo album 35th anniversary concert

Bluestrain to Thalia 2004

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